Preference- It's in our name.
Preference- It's in our name.
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Our posters are made by a neural network. It is a computer program a little like a brain, that has seen thousands of pieces of art, and learnt the patterns , allowing it to recreate more art.

However, if you ask it to go big, it merges and blends the little pictures it makes together, forming an abstract, psychedelic, and totally unique piece of artwork every day.

They come as matt posters, in two sizes, mini and mini+, or a framed masterpiece, Magnum.

The Styles

With a Sprinkle of Fauvism

Red, Vibrant, with deep turquoise and green hues, the original, and, to us, the best. Watch as seas become skies, forests merge to mountains, and waterfalls converge to grasslands. An artistic journey.

A masterpiece generated by a computer, each one a rare piece of art. Made by a neural network trained on thousands of landscape paintings, it creates new, semi-psychedelic artwork, which on closer inspection harbours individual pieces of art, all converging together, all original, and all unique to the day.

À La Sepia

The neural network retrained to give a different colour feel. More blocky, less red, and even more crazy. New and even more unique, as it has a much higher Variance Rate. Otherwise the same as our-With a Sprinkle of Fauvism-style.

A masterpiece generated by a computer, each one a rare piece of art.