Preference- It's in our name.
Preference- It's in our name.
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À La Sepia

After -With a Sprinkle of Fauvism-, À La Sepia was created. 


The neural network retrained to give a different colour feel. More blocky, less red, and even more crazy. New and even more unique, as it has a much higher Variance Rate. Otherwise the same as our-With a Sprinkle of Fauvism-style.

It is more yellow and white, with significantly less red than its predecessor. It is also full of Forests, which of course mutate into many other things, in particular, waterfalls. This time Sepia ink photos and posters were added to the training data, which caused some unique elements, such as the aforementioned abundance of forests, and lack as many lakes.

I would say it is more traditional, in that it does not stand out as much as the -With a Sprinkle of Fauvism- artwork, and could almost blend in with a cream coloured room. Still it is a centrepiece in any room, and a masterpiece to my eyes.

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